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AKTA pure 150 chromatographic purification system


ÄKTA Pure Protein separation and purification platform

The ÄKTATM pure systems are used and designed for purifications of mainly proteins. All kind of chromatographically techniques, like ion-exchange chromatography (IEX), size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) and more techniques can be used.

The system is present in 2 variants, the pure 25, with a maximum flow of 25 ml/min and the pure 150, with a maximum flow of 150 ml/min. The pure 25 is the analytical system, while the pure 150 is the semi preparative system.

The sample can be applied via a sample loop, an external autosampler or directly via a sample pump. The fraction collector can collect the fractions of the purified compounds in small or large volumes. 
The UNICORN software makes it easy to scale-up from the analytical system to the preparative purification system. It is also easy to create methods and monitor runs, pH, conductivity and UV scouting, and evaluate the results.

Technical Details

Biocompatible peek tubing is used.
Variable wavelength detector (190-700 nm), 3 simultaneously wave lengths.
4 different buffer inlets.
I/O box for connection of an external auto-sampler or detector.
Connector for all kind of suitable columns.
Accurate Sample (2%±0,5)  and system pump (1,2%±0,5).
Flow cell dimensions 0,5 mm or 2 mm. 
Flowrate 0.001 – 25 ml/min.
Gradient accuracy 0,6%.
Max pressure 20 mPA.
Possible for up and down flow.


All kinds of chromatography (IEX, SEC, HIC).
Purification and analysis of biomolecules.
Wide variety of aqueous eluents including NaCl, urea, high molarity buffers, etc.  

Available columns
There is a wide range of columns available for use the ÄKTA both in the analytical or in the same-preparative fashion. 


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