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Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometry is a non-destructive, fast, and sensitive optical technique for detailed material, interface and surface analysis. It provides information about the chemical structure of a sample, i.e. the presence of specific chemical groups, by probing vibrational modes of the chemical bonds within molecules.

FTIR spectrometer Bruker Tensor II with Harrick AutoSeagull option TENSOR II is a high performing FTIR spectrometer with a compact size. It has a large sample compartment which can accommodate different FTIR sampling accessories. In this set-up, it is equipped with either:

  • a Seagull Variable Angle Reflection Accessory designed for examining films and coatings, or
  • a transmission accessory for solid, IR-transparent samples.

Technical Details

TENSOR II (Bruker) is designed to combine high light-throughput and a large sample compartment with compactness. Bruker's detector technology ensures lowest electronic noise. It is based on modern dual-channel deltasigma ADC's with true 24-bit dynamic range integrated into the detector preamplifier electronics.

The AutoSeagull (Harrick) is a powerful attachment for examining samples using a variety of reflection techniques. In addition, it can be operated over a broad range of incident angles without misaligning the system, without defocusing the incident radiation, and without changing the polarization of the incident beam.


  • internal, external and diffuse reflectance capabilities
  • angle of incidence 5 - 85°


The instrument can be used for analyzing samples such as:

  • powders
  • optical coatings
  • (films on) opaque substrates
  • (films on) liquids

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