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Stellaris 5 Confocal LSM Leica


Stellaris 5+ from Leica is a state of the art confocal with white light laser (WLL 485-685) and additional 405nm (50mW) - 448nm (40mW) - 488nm (20mW) - 561nm (20mW) lasers with

TauSense - lifetime dimensions
TauContrast delivers immediate access to functional information in cell signaling,
metabolic status, pH and ion concentration. Use lifetime-based information to explore
the function of molecules in the cellular context.
TauGating removes undesired signal contributions. Maximize detection efficiency.
TauSeparation separates even fully overlapping fluorophores with lifetime-based
component separation 

Technical Details

White light laser (WLL)
Allows a perfect match to peak excitation of fluorophores to ensure lowest laser
exposure, optimal signal yield and emission separation of multi-labeled samples
Facilitates more than 2.5 trillion excitation line combinations in conjunction with the
AOBS. Allows recording of two-dimensional excitation-emission spectra supported by
software for setup and display of 2D spectra. Pulsed excitation light source from 485 nm to 685 nm, up 8 single lines can be selected and used simultaneously. Freely tunable in steps of 1 nm
Laser Power per line: 488 nm: > 1.8 mW; 560 nm: > 1.8 mW; 630 nm: > 2.0 mW
Pulse Frequency 78 MHZ. 8 channel AOTF (Acousto Optical Tunable Filter) for rapid modulation of laser intensity, particularly for ROI (Region Of Interest) illumination and excitation scans. Active cooling system with liquid chiller and air fans.
Image Compass:
Simplistic user interface, even for complex experiments. Set up of multicolor
experiment with one click per fluorophore.
Spiral scan to easily generate an overview of your specimen. Stitching plus mark and
find functionalities. Includes a choice of predefined sample carrier formats such as
slides, petri dishes, chambered slides and well plates from different suppliers.
DSE Dynamic Signal Enhancement:
Uncompromised temporal resolution up to 290 fps maintaining optimal signal to noise
Fully automated online data acquisition with super-resolution down to 120 nm XY and
200 nm Z. On all detectors simultaneously. Adaptive image quality determination and

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