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Collimated UV light source system


In photolithography and related applications, it is important that the light intensity is uniform over the entire substrate surface and constant in time. This can be achieved by generating a collimated light beam using mirrors and lenses. This light source generates a uniform beam of UV light with a diameter of 150 mm (6’’) and an intensity of approximately 10 mW/cm2 (at 260 nm).

This equipment is located at Surfix (Plus Ultra, Bronland 12, Wageningen Campus).

Technical Details

Light source: 1000 W Hg/Xe lamp

Mirror sets

  • DUV (260 nm);
  • MUV (310 nm).

Beam parameters

  • diameter: 150 mm (6");
  • divergence: ≤ 2 o


  • intensity controlling power supply system;
  • programmable shutter.


  • photoresist patterning;
  • photocurable coatings.

Last edited by Oscar de Vos on 2022-02-01

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